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Recent FSMA Q&A

We have gotten loads of questions lately from those interested in our school. Many questions are regarding enrollment. Here is just a sampling of this recent FSMA Q&A:

Q: In order to apply prior to November 30th, must we submit just the completed 3-page Enrollment form, or do we also need to submit the registration materials (birth certificate, proof of residence, and medical records)?

A: Registration materials (birth certificate copy, proof of residence and medical records) should be included in addition to the application form. It is important to determine whether children are eligible for registration before a possible lottery process.


Q: If I am submitting enrollment forms for siblings, do I need to fill out 2 separate enrollment forms (they are 3 years apart in age) or do I fill out 1 and just fill in the sibling on the sibling line?

A: Each child requires his or her own enrollment form–just indicate siblings on each, so we are sure to connect them.


Q: You noted a 5-mile radius to Central Wilmington – can you tell me zip code(s) that encompasses?

A: For the time being, calculate the 5-mile radius from the Central Wilmington zip code 19801. We will be announcing our final location soon!


Q: We have twin daughters… with the current enrollment policy, if one twin is placed through the lottery system, does the other twin automatically get enrolled? Thank you!

A: If one twin gets in, and there is still space, the other one will be automatically enrolled. We do have a sibling preference, and we will always strive to be sensitive to the unique needs of our parents/guardians and students.


Q: Will your students be taking the DCAS (Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System) standardized testing each year?

A: Yes, our students will be participating in this assessment each year. Thanks for the question!


Q: Does my child have to be 5 to enroll in Kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year? She will be 4 ½.

A: Thank you for your question about FSMA. As far as Kindergarten enrollment age, students applying for Kindergarten must turn five years of age by September, 1, 2014. A birth certificate will be required for age verification. Early entrance will only be allowed for gifted students that meet all criteria for early entrance according to the Title 14 Education Delaware Administrative Code (http://regulations.delaware.gov/AdminCode/title14/900/940.pdf).


Q: Is this school an extension of the Montessori Academy at Christiana located on Pine Street?

A: FSMA is its own charter, so we are independent of The Montessori Academy at Christiana.


Q: Were you previously a private school? Does this institution have a prior history to stand upon? Are you related to the Wilmington Montessori School?

A: First State Montessori Academy is its own public charter. Many wonderful people have supported its conception and mission. Quite a few of these people have represented both regional and national Montessori communities. We have a strong board with a strong vision, and Montessori is a solid, international teaching method with extensive research supporting its success rate.


Q: What is the deadline for enrollment for kindergarten this school year?

A: For the 2014 school year, enrollment materials will be due by November 30, 2013.

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