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How Cold is Too Cold?

How Cold is Too Cold?

When the weather outside is frightful recess on the playground may not be delightful… but if students are prepared and we make smart decisions, it can be a wonderful part of the school day!

FSMA values the opportunity for children to be outside in fresh air and exercising throughout the winter months. Our goal is to have children running and playing at recess everyday but we also need to make sure everyone is safe. We recognize that we need to take great care in making daily decisions about recess as sometimes snow, wind, or temperature can make this a difficult decision. To make these determinations, we have worked with our nursing staff who have provided a chart to help us gauge when it is “too cold” to go outside safely. This chart considers many factors and is a way for us to be consistent with national recommendations about outdoor play in the winter months and student safety.

What does that mean for families?

Always assume we will be going outside…if we can go out, we will!
Having students dress in layers is helpful. For example, you may want to send in a heavy coat in case they need it.
Keep a pair of gloves and a hat in your backpack or cubbie, just in case it might be needed.

At FSMA, recess is an important part of the learning experience. Children play and unwind in the brisk sunshine on most winter school days, ready to return with renewed focus to afternoon classroom learning. Not only do they return renewed, but there are many skills learned during this time and it is something we value. Again, if it is safe to go out, we will… so please plan accordingly

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