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First State Montessori Academy’s Upper School (4th through 8th grade) is located at  920 French Street in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.  The former Employee Education Center was used for training and team building of world class employees for a global company.  It was built in 1999, and no cost was spared in its construction.  It is the perfect foundation for First State Montessori Academy’s older students to grow into lifelong learners and civic contributors.  It is a highly secure building that is 3 stories tall with large classrooms that can be used in full or sectioned off for small group learning, lending to the middle school and Montessori experience.  Plus, it has a large, two-story gymnasium, so children can exercise their growing bodies as well as expanding their minds.  In addition, gated-protected space gives children access to the outdoors.   Well maintained, bright and welcoming, 920 French St will inspire students to be motivated to learn many skills, while exploring their curiosities, and contributing to the world around them.

It is conveniently placed in close proximity to other downtown charter schools and businesses and has everything a school and its students need to prosper and grow.  Some of the local resources we visit often are the Wilmington Library, The Grande and Baby Grande, The World Café at the Queen, and many other local historic buildings. These resources provide us with opportunities for swimming, theatre experiences, musical performances, dance classes and much more.  We are so appreciative of our wonderful neighbors who provide our children with incredibly enriching opportunities on a weekly basis!

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