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Middle School at FSMA

A superior curriculum carefully designed to prepare children for high school, college and life.

“I can think of no better way to prepare today’s young adolescents for any upcoming high school experience, public or private. I have had administrators from high schools meet me and thank me for sending them such prepared, responsible, and respectful students. It isn’t me doing that work in isolation, however, it is the Montessori Adolescent program.”
-A Montessori Middle School Teacher

As many of you are already feeling, Middle School is a time of increasing independence. Knowing just how much latitude to give your child is one of the trickiest parts of parenting. And, each time you think you have achieved just exactly the right balance of latitude and limits, your child will suddenly be ready for the next state, and you have to figure it out all over again. As teachers, we are your partners encouraging your children to always give their best effort, to take reasonable risks as part of developing independence, and to be kind to one another in the process.

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