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Student-Led Clubs: Policies and Procedures

First State Montessori Academy encourages students to expand their knowledge and social responsibility by the formation of clubs organized to promote or pursue special interests outside the typical classroom environment and curriculum provided membership is open to all interested and eligible students, approval of the Head of School is obtained and a member of the staff attends the meetings or activities as an official advisor.

Creating an Official Student-Led Club

Set up a meeting with the school administration to share your idea and plans to determine if there is another club that meets with the interests you are looking for, if the club aligns with the school mission and philosophy, and go over the procedures for creating an official student-led club. As an FSMA Student-Led Club, you must agree to:

  • Work collaboratively with the school staff and leadership
  • Uphold the FSMA mission and principles
  • Be positive role models
  • Maintain communication with the school
  • Abide by the Family Handbook at all activities

Procedures for the Formation of a Student-Led Club

In order to have your club considered, you must put together a proposal that includes the following information:

  1. Who is submitting the proposal? (It can be one person or a group of people who have collectively worked on the proposal).
  2. What is the purpose or objective of the club? How does it align with the school mission and philosophy?
  3. What are the rules/procedures for the club and meetings/activities? (This should include information about membership, participation and events)
  4. How often will the club meeting? When and where will the club meet? (Note: All meeting times and places of the club must have the advance approval of
    the advisor and the Head of School, and the advisor must be present at all meetings.)
  5. Will there be leaders/officers of the club? What will the responsibility of the leaders/officers be? How will leaders and officers be chosen?
  6. Who will be the staff advisor? (Every school club shall be sponsored by a member of the faculty who will be named the club advisor.)
  7. How do you know there is interest in having this club? (Clubs will need student participation of at least 5 members in order to stay in existence.)
  8. Will there be any fundraising or financial procedures needed? If yes, what will they be and how will you ensure they are followed?
  9. How will you communicate the formation of the club, meeting dates and times, membership expectations, and future events/activities?

Your proposal must include a statement from your advisor that acknowledges his/her/their review and support of the proposal and his/her/their commitment to
serve as the club advisor.

Once your proposal is submitted, a member of the school leadership team will reach out to confirm it was received. It will be reviewed and a meeting will be scheduled to go over the proposal and ask follow up questions. At that meeting, a determination will be made if more information is needed and a timeline for next
steps (which may include a decision if no additional information is needed).

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