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FSMA receives many requests from organizations independent of the school to distribute materials, both printed and electronically, to students and families.  It is the policy of FSMA that the only materials that may be distributed to the parents and students are those which are directly created and sponsored by FSMA.  The only exception to this policy is where the distribution of such materials is required by law or at the request of the Delaware Department of Education.

Non-profit organizations or governmental agencies that provide opportunities or conduct activities for school-age youth in Delaware shall be permitted to place materials in a central location (ex. the lobby of each building)  for students, parents and teachers to voluntarily pick up, take home and review.  Such materials should be provided to the school administration and a designated central location will be determined.  All materials should be no larger than 8.5 x 11” and must identify the name of the group responsible for the material.

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