Volunteering at FSMA – Policies

Volunteers play an important role in the success of our students. It is FSMA’s policy that all volunteers be screened before volunteering.

For the 21-22 School Year,

  • all volunteers must show proof of vaccination
  • all volunteers/visitors must present a government issued i.d. which will be run through a sex-offender data-base ( please understand this process is for the safety and protection of all students and staff while on school grounds and school sponsored field trips).

This applies to all school activities during the school day… the only exception is for when parents or adults are visiting the school as an audience member for a school event.

Required Forms for Volunteers:

  • School Volunteer Form (provided as needed for volunteer activities) / Forms must be turned into the FSMA office and processed prior to volunteering. All forms will be treated and stored confidentially by FSMA staff and the FSMA Board of Directors.

Additional Information:

For field trips that require personal, unsupervised contact and/or extend beyond the school day, a Fingerprint and Criminal Background Check will be required.

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