FSMA will provide a wide selection of enrichment opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of our students.   These learning opportunities are outside of the regular school day and the following details apply to all clubs.

Cost:  $100 per session

6 – 15 children (depending on club/age level)

3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. – 1 day a week for 8 weeks

Session 2 begins Monday, November 28

There is no transportation for clubs… Students must be picked up at FSMA.

   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Tennis (1st – 3rd)

Art Club (2nd – 6th)

Kids in the Kitchen (K – 2nd)

Become Tech Savvy (3rd–6th)

Culture Club (1st – 3rd)

Sports Club (4th – 6th)

Spanish (K–3rd)

Knitting Club (1st – 4th)

Choir (3rd – 6th)

Soccer Shots (2nd – 3rd)

Yoga (K – 3rd)

Drama (1st – 4th)

MyServe Tennis Program (1st – 3rd) Mondays

MyServe will be offering a modified version of the QuickStart Tennis play format developed by the USTA. These classes are for beginners or children who are looking to have fun while learning the basic fundamentals of the game.

Art Club (2nd – 6th) Mondays

Join Shivaun for in the art room for a club focused on combining recycling and creativity. Students will be designing and building with cardboard and other recyclables. Plus, they will get to work with a low temp glue gun (which is always appealing to children).

Kids in the Kitchen (K – 2nd) Tuesdays

Join Laura for this fun cooking experience! The goal of this club is to encourage a love of cooking, while introducing easy, healthy recipes. Each week participants will make a different recipe and will bring home a copy of the recipe to recreate at home.

To sign up for clubs, please return the attached page with full payment.  Clubs will be filled on a first come /first served basis.  Thank you!

Become Tech Savvy (3rd – 6th) Tuesdays

Come on in and get some extra time online. Each week, a new type of digital experience will be explored. We will join a MMO, create VoiceThreads, explore podcasts, do some video editing, and more! The first 30 minutes of each club will be instructional, and the remaining time will yours to try out what you have discovered.

Culture Club (1st – 3rd) Tuesdays

No passport needed…but be ready for an adventure! Join Tricia to learn more about different countries and different cultures. Each week they will focus on a different culture and play games, enjoy snacks, learn about customs and much more. This club will be a hands-on exploration of many different places and will a fun way to learn about other people around the world.

Sports Club (4th – 6th) Wednesdays

Students in grade 4th through 6th grade are welcome to join Sports Club with Kerry. In club, students will explore a multitude of sports and maintain a high level of sportsmanship. Some sports that will be played include basketball, soccer, handball and floor hockey.

Spanish Club (K – 3rd) Wednesdays

Led by Si, Español. In each class, we learn vocabulary, including days of the week, numbers, the calendar, feelings (happy, sad, mad, scared, shy, etc), colors, songs, games (related to the theme) etc. Every week, the children learn a new theme, do a craft, and read a book related to the theme. Our Spanish classes are fun, and the students learn to speak Spanish in the same way they learned their first language.

Knitting Club (1st – 4th) Wednesdays

Join knitting expert, Lisa Cleveland for knitting club. All ability levels are welcome and all children will be shown new techniques as they build their knitting repertoire. Wait until you see what they create! Plus, learning to knit is a great skill for children to have as it develops concentration, problem-solving and perseverance.

Yoga (K – 3rd) Thursdays

Le Petit Yogi will be offering this program onsite to FSMA students. In this club, children will be introduced to breathing techniques and poses through movements, games and storytelling as well as participate in a physically active program. Classes are designed around engaging and age appropriate themes.

Soccer Shots (2nd – 3rd) Thursdays

Soccer Shots is an outside group that is dedicated to teaching soccer skills in a fun, game-like setting. Expert coaches come to FSMA and engage kids in lots of movement designed to increase soccer skills.

Drama Kids Club (1st – 4th) Thursdays

Drama Kids is an international program that is coming to FSMA this fall. In this afterschool drama education program children will be given opportunities that focus on building self-esteem, speech patterns and creative thinking in each child. Students will learn about theatrical skills in fun ways with a focus on the art rather than on memorization of lines.

FSMA Choir (3rd – 6th) Thursdays

Learn the secrets to developing your true talent! Choir is a fun, exciting place to use your voice, learn about all kinds of interesting music and musicians, and a great place to make new friends.
Choir is being offered as an enjoyable musical experience for ALL. We’ll sing in different languages and in various styles from rounds to pop songs and use instruments.
We invite you the children to enjoy music to its fullest. Our main focus and goals will be:

  1. Singing and performing with joy!
  2. Promoting musicianship and choral sound.
  3. Extending our abilities to read music.
  4. Building our confidence in ourselves and with groups.
  5. Meeting new friends and HAVING A BLAST!

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