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Re-using helps our Earth!

Re-using helps our Earth!

At FSMA, we are constantly finding ways to teach our children about caring for our planet. As active community members, we all have a responsibility to find ways to reduce, re-use and recycle. One way that FSMA spreads this message is through our donation requests. Often, you will see an all call for donations of used items for a certain project or program we have. Before we purchase new items, we like to reach out to our community to find out if you have an item that we could re-use and thus keep out of a landfill!

So, we hope when you see our donation requests, you see it as one more way FSMA is looking out for our community and taking care of our planet! We don’t see it as an ask… we see it as an opportunity!

Items you might have that we can use:
small kitchen appliances
instruments (keyboards are very useful)
potting soil and planting containers
compost bins
yard games and outdoor toys
office supplies

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