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Stay Connected Over The Summer

Stay Connected Over The Summer

We know children are looking forward to summer and the time away from school is an important break but, we don’t want them to totally disconnect from FSMA. One of things FSMA offers is Summer Programs that are specifically designed to hep children stay connected to school during the summer months. We feel it is very important for children to have some “touch points” with their peers, teachers and the physical environment and we have planned Playground Playdates (schedule coming soon) and Summer Programs. Join some of the extraordinary teachers and staff as they lead you on an adventure – it could be something you are interested in and done before or something you just want to try out. Summer programs are rooted in our philosophy of meaningful and joyful learning in a community and allow children to build on prior connections while making new friends. Let us be your tour guide for some unforgettable experiences that keep children connected to school!

Download or view the Summer Camp Program Guide and Registration Form below.

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