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FSMA is a Mental Health Hero

FSMA is a Mental Health Hero

Earlier this year, FSMA shared that safety would be a strong focus area for us this year. We also shared that we were looking at safety from two different angles – physical safety and mental safety. Over the course of the year, we have done many things to support our student’s mental health – including adding a guidance counselor to our student support team, professional development focusing on mental health awareness and suicide prevention, our first NAMI walk, and much more. It is something we have really invested in this year and we are excited to share that we have been recognized for the work we are doing.

In honor of May, which is national mental health awareness month, National Alliance on Mental Illness in Delaware (NAMI Delaware) is recognizing Delaware School Mental Health Heroes.

First State Montessori Academy is the 2018-2019 Delaware Schools Mental Health Hero in the Non-traditional Elementary School category! NAMI highlighted our efforts in bringing opportunities, awareness and information to our community this year and we are incredibly proud to be recognized in this way… but more importantly, a huge celebration to the staff who have embraced student mental health and work tirelessly to keep our children safe – physically and mentally.

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