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Spreading Kindness: A Message from the FSMA Board

Spreading Kindness: A Message from the FSMA Board

Greetings, FSMA families and friends!

My name is Meala Duckworth. As a parent and Board Member at First State Montessori Academy, I’d like to share some information about our children’s wonderful school as we continue our fourth year. There are some very exciting things happening and we do need your help!

FSMA has had an exceptional start in its first years; all of the hard work by the Founding Board and Staff made the entry into education seamless. And with the expansion of our upper school in full swing, the success of FSMA is ever present and evident.

FSMA continues to have an incredible impact on my daughters, and their unwavering love of learning says it all. This school continues to not only educate our kids in math, reading, writing, and social studies, but also encourages kindness, wellbeing for themselves and others, and gives them an overall sense of making the world a better place! On a daily basis!

Have you seen the kindness tapestry on the 3rd floor of the Lower School? The gracious words of our children are woven into a symbol that serves as a constant reminder of this lesson of love. Did your child tell you about the day they celebrated World Peace Day? My daughters made fabric flags with pictures of what was peaceful for them; they each created their own symbol of peace. The upper school also gathered together outside in a large circle, holding hands, and observed a moment of silence. In these turbulent times, I am both blessed and grateful to have my kids be a part of this amazing experience at FSMA.

For me, I try to show my appreciation by giving back as much as I can. I joined the Board of Directors almost two years ago, I have volunteered for numerous events and functions, and I have given financially to the school. We all do what we can, when we can. I, along with the Board of Directors, am asking you now to please give back and invest in our children…to invest in your children.

By now, you have you received information about our Capital Campaign, “Building Our Future Together.” You may have seen a flyer and donation card come home in your child’s backpack. Our Capital Campaign is indeed an extension of the Annual Fund, but the Capital Campaign speaks to building innovative spaces for our children. I am sure you are aware of the “funding gap” where FSMA, as a charter school, essentially has to do more with less money. And look at what they are doing: FSMA is growing and excelling, its program being replicated in other schools throughout Delaware!

Parent to parent, please consider a donation to FSMA this year. The heart and soul of First State Montessori Academy is the intense commitment to providing an innovative, responsive Montessori education to children in Delaware, FOR FREE. Every bit counts and it is tax deductible! FSMA has proven its devotion and dedication to children through education, and this is my guarantee that you will continue to get a return on your investment. Please come to our PTO branches meetings on December 7 to see your investment first hand. Looking forward to the future!

Best wishes always,


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