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Safety is a Priority

Safety is a Priority

Did you know that FSMA has a Safety Committee that works with DEMA (Delaware Emergency Management Agency) and the Department of Homeland Security? We do and this team has been very busy this summer! From attending DEMA’s 1st Annual School Safety Symposium to doing an onsite safety review with Homeland Security, our team is feeling strong about the measures we have in place and have made some recommendations regarding procedures for the upcoming year.

At the DEMA Symposium, our team was incredibly moved and empowered after listening to Frank DeAngelis, the principal from Columbine High School who was there when the tragic incident happened there many years ago. In his speech, he articulated many things we can do but also talked about how important it is to make sure everyone feels that they are a part of the community and that we teach everyone about “see something, say something.” We will be working with our entire community around this idea…. if you see someone being left out or bullied, say something; if you are worried about someone in the school without a badge, say something; if you are entering the building and someone tries to enter behind you without signing in, say something; if you hear someone talking about harming someone, say something, etc. This is for all of us… we have to be strong together, look out for each other, and stand up for every child and every human.

As we get closer to the start of school updated procedures about visiting FSMA and volunteering at FSMA will be sent home. We know that we will be adding some cumbersome steps but we also know that they are important as they are recommended as best practices from these expert groups. School safety is a priority and we are always open to feedback and suggestions. And again, so much of our safety relies on everyone to pay attention and if you see something, please say something!

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