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Crisis Assessment Policies and Procedures

With all crisis assessments, our team will carefully analyze the presented information and utilize our resources to determine the next steps which may involve safety precautions, communication, police or medical assistance, etc. Safety for everyone is the number one priority.

Suicide – Staff are trained in the warning signs and when a concern arises, they follow a specific protocol and engage our Crisis Response Team. This typically looks like:

What happens when… there is a concern that a student may be having thoughts of suicide?

  • Students may report concerns about a friend or classmate to any adult at school
  • Teachers (or students directly) alert a member of the Student Support Team
  • The student reporter or teacher reporter may be asked more information or more information may not be necessary
  • The student that there is a concern about will be interviewed by a member of the Student – Support Team (the school psychologist or school counselor).
  • The student will be kept safe and under supervision until a determination is made as to the level of risk that they are exhibiting.
  • The school psychologist or school counselor will communicate the results of the student interview with other members of the school Crisis Team (school administrators, school counselor, school psychologist, school nurse) as available.
  • The Crisis team will discuss the level of risk that the student is exhibiting and a decision is made as to next steps and appropriate supports for the student.
  • For low risk, a student may return to class. For high risk, the parent is required to pick child up from school. The State of Delaware mental health crisis line may be called.
  • Student’s parents and teachers are always notified regardless of the level of risk.

Threat – If a staff member receives or observes a threat, they follow a specific protocol which involves engaging our Crisis Response Team. This typically looks like:

What happens when… a student makes a remark that is considered a terroristic threat?

  • Student is immediately removed from class
  • Student and witnesses are interviewed by the school psychologist and/or school administrators
  • Student’s level of risk is determined by members of the school Crisis Team (school psychologist, school counselor, school administrators, school nurse) as available
    School Crisis Team informs student’s parents. Witnesses and/or other involved students’ parents are informed as appropriate
  • Student is suspended from school as per the school code of conduct.
  • Student may be referred for mental health services or be required to obtain mental health services. If the student is already involved with a mental health provider the student may be required to see that provider, who is then asked to consult with the school.
  • Wilmington Police (School Resource Officer) is contacted and informed of the threat. An investigation may be completed by them at their discretion.

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