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Online Databases

All of these databases are available through a partnership between the University of Delaware and the Delaware Department of Libraries.  At school, they are accessible from any computer.  From home, they are accessible through a username and password.  Contact the librarian for more information.

Library Catalog

Click on the icon to access the library.

Students and families can see which books are the most popular, which titles have just ben added, and which copies are currently available to check out.

Students have individual accounts, and grades 4-6 have access through username and passwords. Families of younger grades can use the system as guests.

Coding and Computer Science

In all of our levels, K-6, students work on computational thinking, logic, and programming skills.  The core of the curriculum is based on Code.org, which begins with a program aimed at pre-readers and continues through a series of progressively complex curriculum, ending in an accelerated course for beginning adults.  Advanced students are encouraged to explore additional programs such as Scratch, Tynker, Khan Academy, and Hackety Hack.  The first three are websites available at school for grades 4 and up.  The last is a downloadable programming environment you may want to try at home.

K-1 Code.org Course

2-3 Code.org Course

4-6 Code.org Course

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