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The mission of the First State Montessori Academy is to create successful, contributing, life-long learners in a Montessori public educational program for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

First State Montessori Academy provides parents and students with an authentic, time-tested, Montessori education in a public school.  We believe that the creation of a Montessori public school in New Castle County, DE will improve student learning, allow for greater choice for parents, and serve as a model for alternative approaches to education by providing a proven and innovative teaching and learning environment.


Montessori Public Schools have existed since the early 1970’s.  Members of First State Montessori Academy have visited Montessori charter schools, independent Montessori schools, and Montessori public Magnet schools across the country as part of our planning process.  Additionally, we have toured successful charter and magnet schools in Delaware to round out our understanding of the public sector.  The FSMA board is committed to identifying best practices and potential challenges as we continue to work to meet our mission.

Recently, Richard A. Ungerer, Past Executive Director of the American Montessori Society, wrote an article for the Spring 2011 issue of Montessori Life entitled “Advancing Montessori Public and Charter Schools.”  He recognizes the “numerous opportunities for starting new Montessori charter school” (p. 3).   Mr. Ungerer notes that the AMS board recently adopted nine goals. Of these, the AMS has made a commitment to expand its work with Montessori public schools (including charters and magnets) in the United States. This is AMS’s first formal commitment to this end; the FSMA board is delighted about this forward thinking goal and the impact it will have on improving learning for children.

Forty-one states have Montessori public and charter schools.  Throughout the country Montessori public, private, charter and independent schools co-exist in a supportive and collaborative way.  For more information regarding public Montessori in the Unites States check out the links below:

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