The FSMA PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is an inclusive community; everyone is encouraged to support all of our efforts towards fundraising, family engagement, and staff support.  All FSMA families are automatically members of our PTO (no membership fees). PTOs help fundraise, seek out sponsors find partners for programming, and help build school culture and community. We are so lucky because our PTO does so much! From organizing operational supports such as the Work Room and Lunch Captains to creating events for all FSMAers to enjoy.

PTO Events


To learn more about the role of school PTO communities, please read the many resources provided by the National PTO Network (NPN).

If you have thoughts to share, talents to contribute, or any questions, please contact the FSMA PTO at

Great PTOs help build great schools!


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Fundraising Activities and Programs (with Chair contact info)

Classroom Communicator Position Responsibilities

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